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Partners in Transition Timeline

April 2002
Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Establishes Transition as a Priority Goal

January 2003
Partners in Transition Public Forums conducted in Tallahassee, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale.

March 2003
Partners in Transition Workgroup Draft first version of State Transition Strategic Plan.

June 2003
Partners in Transition Conference attended by 200 plus stakeholders to provide feedback and input for the draft strategic plan.

September 2003
Partners in Transition advisory committee members attended the First National Leadership Summit on Improving Results: Policy and Practice Implications for Secondary and Postsecondary Education and Employment for Youth with Disabilities in Washington, D.C. as the delegates from the State of Florida.

Partners in Transition workgroups organized around five areas of the strategic plan and facilitated to provide refinement to the State Transition Strategic Plan.

June 2005
42 counties send leadership teams to the 1st Annual Transition Summit in St. Petersburg, Florida.

May 2005
Partners in Transition Technical Assistance Project funded by the FDDC.

January 2006
38 counties send leadership teams to the 2nd Annual Transition Summit in Orlando, Florida.

October 2007
34 counties send leadership teams to the 3rd Annual Transition Summit in Orlando, Florida.


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