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Best Practices

Focus on Discovery
Discovery is big in Martin, Monroe, Polk, and Pasco counties! They really worked together as teams and learned a great deal about customized employment, Discovery and how to implement it. Polk has really done a great job implementing Discovery. They planned from the beginning what their vision of customized employment would be, and they are very enthusiastic about implementing individual employment outcomes for students! Monroe had geographical obstacles to overcome, but they work very hard as a group and are involved in both upper and lower teams.

The teamwork is fabulous – meeting attendance was almost perfect! Martin was part of Project Discover and turned out 12 (yes, 12!) profiles! They explored many environments with each student, focusing on allowing the individual to guide the HOWI (Hanging Out With Intent), truly a student-driven process. They had strong VR involvement, and the career development teacher integrated Discovery into his curriculum! How cool is that? Pasco has been persistently working toward implementing customized work experiences and is considering utilizing a third party cooperative agreement to help implement it.

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Consult the Big Bend Transition Spectrum of Services and Guide for Students with Disabilities.


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