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Statewide Strategic Plan for Transition

Partners in Transition has developed the Florida Strategic Plan on Transition which defines how state agencies, families, youth, government programs and society can reach more young Floridians with disabilities with a message of hope and the promise of independence; in their education, at work and in life.

The plan incorporates the five core components of the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth Guideposts for Success. The guideposts are the result of an extensive literature review of research, demonstration projects and effective practices covering a wide range of transition programs and services.

Core components:

  1. School-based preparatory experiences such as good academic and vocational programs;
  2. Career preparation and work-based learning experiences such as career assessments, exposure to life-long learning opportunities, and paid and unpaid internships;
  3. Youth development and leadership opportunities such as exposure to mentors, role models, and the Youth Leadership Forum;
  4. Connecting activities such as transportation, physical and mental health, benefits planning, and futures planning; and
  5. Family involvement such as access to training and information about transition options and evidence-based transition practices.
Click Here to download the PIT strategic plan as an Adobe PDF.


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